During the 13th Anniversary celebration of the University of the Philippines Manila - National Institutes of Health last February 11, 2011 at the Century Park Hotel, Pasay City, the "Compendium of Abstracts 2006-2008" was formally launched. The compendium is a printed version of the University of the Philippines Manila Research Database (UPMRD), the online catalog developed by the University Library. The said database provides a rich source of published and unpublished researches done by the faculty, staff and graduate students of UP Manila.

Each title of research/study cited in the database includes standard biliographic information with abstract, and when full text is available online, the link is provided.

The database can be searched in simple or guided mode. Searches can be made by author, title, subject or keywords. Publication year can be used to further refine a query.

The gateway to UP Manila Research Database also includes the University Library's collection of theses and dissertations, and the Philippine Index Medicus, an index to Philippine medical journals.